Kobster B2B (Now Kobster Elite)

User Research for Kobster's B2B portal. Re-designing flow of Kobster.com


Kobster.com is an Office Supplies startup based in Chennai, India. My responsibilities at Kobster was, 1. Research to understand the Indian context of purchasing office supplies – to help us better understand the “problems” faced by Indian Purchase officers (or Admins). The problems and needs identified during the study laid the foundation for the solution (Kobster Elite portal) 2. Re-design the overall flow of Kobster.com (back in 2014) – which included simplifying the purchase process, improved product categorization and product search.


Kobster E Shop Pvt Ltd


Business to Business (B2B)

Design Process

User Research
Concept Design


14 Months

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User Research

Participant during contextual enquiry.

Contextual Enquiry and semi structured interviews were conducted with 7 purchase officers in our pilot site, Chennai in India. The primary focus of the study was to understand,

1 The structure of office supply process - (i.e.) The number of steps involved in the purchasing process - from the requesting stage (by an employee/customer) for an office supply to the purchasing officer who is placing an order. This also helped us identify the deadlocks/ communication problems between the different nodes of the flow.

2 Purchasing goals / managing invoices – this is specifically to understand the financial goals of the companies (small, medium and large) and their spending habit in Indian context.

Artefact collected during the study


Since the product is in its initial release phase, am not allowed to share more information about the outcome and results of the project.