Control Builder Freelance

Re-designing ABB's engineering tool.

What is Control Builder Freelance?

Control Builder Freelance is an IEC 61131-3 languages programming IDE from ABB for engineers to program industrial automation applications.


1. Perform user research & usability testing for understanding problems with current software, user needs

2. Re-design to optimize the task flow of the application with requirements based on user research.


ABB Corporate Research


Industrial Automation

Design Process

User research
Product redesign
UI Design


9 Months

User Study

Qualitative methods such as Think-aloud protocol & semi structured interview was conducted with 7 participants (all electrical engineers).

Key insights from the study are as follows,

1. Navigation between the editors - the biggest pain-point for end users

2. End user mostly configure using only two of the five editors

3. The tree-based structural arrangement - chaotic

4. Too many steps for frequently used tasks - problem