Designing an optimum work-flow (end user perspective) for low-voltage ABB drives


This project focuses on Drive composer, the start-up and maintenance tool for ABB's (common architecture) drives. The project's aim was to design an optimum work-flow (end user perspective) for low-voltage ABB drives. The project also focuses on the FanSave and PumpSave tool used by marketing team to showcase the advantages of using ABB Low Voltage Drives.


ABB Corporate Research


Electrical Systems

Design Process

Concept design
Prototype development


4 Months

What is ABB Drive?

ABB Low Voltage Drive is an electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. Its used to improve energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs in industries.

UX Tasks

I was involved in the usability testing of Drive composer tool. I also conceptualized, prototyped & tested the FanSave and PumpSave tool.

Redesign Process

The initial interface of FanSave application

We learnt during the user research session with marketing managers (of the Low Voltage Drives) that they were anroid tablets / iPads for showcasing ABB products during the marketing sessions and they would prefer to have FanSave and PumpSave applications as an application in their tablets.

We discussed in detail during brainstorming session on the different kinds of data which needs to be visualized in FanSave and PumpSave apps
Paper prototype showing the initial dashboard concept

The low fidelity paper prototypes were evaluated with participants for feedback. The final designs were then made into high fidelity prototypes with Microsoft Silverlight

High Fidelity Fansave prototype showing the "fan" metaphor

Usability Testing

A summative usability testing was done on the final high fidelity prototypes.

Eye tracking was done on the final FanSave and PumpSave prototypes